Kirby Artwork (Wii)
Rank TBA
First Fight Season 1 Fight 2 Michael Rosen VS Kirby
Last Fight Season 1 Fight 2 Michael Rosen VS Kirby

Record 0-1
Champion Season TBA
Kirby is fighter in Season 1.

Season 1 Edit

Fight 2 Edit

Interview Edit

Kirby was interview by Toady134. Kirby just made gestures, to which Toady couldn't understand how to follow up on. The interview was cut short by Rainbow Dash appearing and the cameras cut off.

Fight Edit

Kirby had started things off against Michael Rosen when the bell rang and Michael Rosen claimed he didn't know it didn't start. Kirby had control after staff interaction. Michael Rosen would prevent Kirby from using his moves. Kirby had a near KO, but Michael Rosen recovered quickly. Michael Rosen would turn into Super Michael Rosen and defeat Kirby.

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