Michael Rosen is a fighter from season 1.

Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen
Rank TBA
First Fight Season 1 Fight 1 Michael Rosen VS Rainbow Dash
Last Fight TBA

Record 2-0
Champion Season TBA

Season 1Edit

Fight 1Edit


Michael Rosen insulted Rainbow Dash and claim that he would rule the world. Utopia95 thought he was taking it to far, but Michael said he wasn't.

Fight Edit

Michael Rosen didn't do a whole lot during the fight. He had a few tricks, but they did not work well against Rainbow Dash. He however won the fight via ring out called by Toady.

Fight 2 Edit

Interview Edit

Michael Rosen was interviewed by the newest staff member Gina Marie Selina. Michael Rosen made comments that had annoyed Gina. Rainbow Dash would appear demanding a rematch, which Michael Rosen was wanting. Gina would break it up, but made remark to herself about hating to do it.

Fight Edit

Michael Rosen and Kirby was at most a back a forth match called by King Taco. At least what it seem to him when the other staff members interacted during the fight. Kirby would copy Michael Rosen, however he would prevent Kirby from using his moves. Kirby would get launch by him, but it was not a ring out according Prince Doopliss. Kirby would have a near ko against Michael Rosen, however he recovered quickly and started transforming. Once he finished, he had became Super Michael Rosen. He would away on Kirby and and take it out with his Michael Rosen Rab Bomb.

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