Rainbow Dash is a fighter of Season 1

Rainbow Dash
Mlp fim rainbow dash no 1 by sileresp-d3k10c6
Rank TBA
First Fight Season 1 Fight 1 Michael Rosen VS Rainbow Dash
Last Fight Season 1 Fight 1 Michael Rosen VS Rainbow Dash

Record 0-1
Champion Season TBA

Season 1Edit

Fight 1Edit


Rainbow Dash insulted Michael Rosen. She kept constanly saying she would win against him.Ashley kept questioning Raibow Dash's statement.


Rainbow Dash had dominated Michael Rosen in the fight for the most part. However when she was ready to use her Sonic Rainboom, Toady134 had called it a ring out. She would try to get Prince Doopliss to make sure the calling was right. However, Doopliss would end the episode before things got out of hand.

Despite losing, Rainbow Dash had made an appearance in Season 1 Fight 2 Michael Rosen VS Kirby.

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