This is the first fight of the series and first season

Michael Rosen VS Rainbow Dash
Season 1 Fight 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Announcer Prince Doopliss
Referee Toady134
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This analyzist was made by King Taco

King Taco: Hello I am King Taco! I will be analyzing this first fight.

Michael RosenEdit

This guy is old as hell and should just die. I haven't look into his training that much. I don't know what the fuck his moves are! Well maybe one or two. They are not very good. This guy likes to tell stories. Seriously, why is he fighting? I really don't like him. He should be else where instead of here.

Rainbow DashEdit

Yet another fighter I did not look into their training. She is a pony! A PONY! WHY, JUST WHY? She don't stand a chance against her opponent, but he is old so, I don't care. Why do I have to be analyzing this fight? I should be well doing an interview, of course I wouldn't care much about interviewing these two. Well I would actually like to call this fight. I drag this on, because I don't got much to say about her.

Winner PredictionEdit

Mlp fim rainbow dash no 1 by sileresp-d3k10c6

Meh, I just say her because; I just wanted to.


Michael RosenEdit

Utopia95: Hello I am Utopia95 and I am interviewing Michael Rosen. So Michael Rosen, how do you feel about your first fight?

Michael Rosen: It's good it is real good. My opponent is going to get the MR Rap Bomb!

Utopia95: Do you have a good game plan?

Michael Rosen: Yes! It is to beat my opponent silly until they go home, crying to thier mother!

Utopia95: You think that Rainbow Dash is a push over?

Michael Rosen: Yes! She is just a pony and does not stand a chance against me! After this I will be King Michael Rosen!

Utopia95: You do know this is for fun, right?

Michael Rosen: I eat fun for breakfast along with rainbows! No one can stop me! This is where I will rule all!

Utopia95: I think you are taking this a little too far. -_-

Michael Rosen: No I am not! You just are thinking this is for fun. It's not.

Utopia95: -_- I'm going to have to let you go.

Rainbow DashEdit

Ashley: Hello I am Ashley and I am with Rainbow Dash. So Rainbow, how are you feeling?

Rainbow Dash: I'm great and I am going to win this all the way!

Ashley: What do you think of your opponent?

Rainbow Dash: He is an old man and I'm going to win!

Ashley: Do you think he might have moves?

Rainbow: Of course he don't! He will just chase me around and try to hit me with his cane, but I got two words: SONIC RAINBOOM!

Ashley: So just because he is old you don't think he stands a chance against you?

Rainbow Dash: Please this is an easy victory for me and this fight will be real short!

Ashley: Michael Rosen could have some surprises, so how are you sure this is an easy victory?

Rainbow Dash: Look here, He don't stand a chance and I won't lose!

Asheley: o.O I'm going to leave now.


Prince Doopliss: After a very long absence I hope to finally get this under way.


King Taco: And nobody cares.

Prince Doopliss: Whatever, once this gets started we will have more people coming in. Anyways today's matchup is well Michael Rosen….

Michael Rosen: I am the king of the world!

Prince Doopliss: >.> okay…The blue corner is Rainbow Dash….

Rainbow Dash: Come on old man I’ll show you how awesome I am!

Michael Rosen: No, I’m going to kill you first!

Prince Doopliss: Despite the title, there won’t be real deaths, hopefully.

Toady: You heard the man, now let the fight begin.

Prince Doopliss: Ranibow Dash quickly kicked Michael Rosen with her back legs and knocked him back into his corner.

Michael Rosen: Ouch! Time for my…

Rainbow Dash: [kicks Michael Rosen in the time 3 times in the mouth] Shut up! No way you can beat me!

Prince Doopliss: It looks like RD is in complete control.

King Taco: (sarcasm) Woohoo, my prediction is winning!

Prince Doopliss: Michael Rosen, is literally getting kicked in the butt.

Michael Rosen:....

Rainbow Dash: Asleep already old man?

Prince Doopliss: Wait minute somethig does seem a little odd about that Michael Rosen?

Toady: It looks like the real one to me.

Price Doopliss: I don’t know. Rainbow Dash might want to stop beating u up that surprise decoy. Which I might want to know how that decoy was there so quickly….because the real Michael Rosen threw a slice of pizza.

Michael Rosen: I hope you enjoy that big, thick, cheezey, ozzie, slice of

Rainbow Dash: [Rams Michael Rosen] Grr...That can’t be legal!

Toady: I’ll allow it.

Prince Doopliss: Well, I say it is as well. I mean he never actually left the ring. And well Rainbow Dash is speeding around Michael Rosen to daze him after angering her for the pizza move. It seems to be effecting Michael Rosen as he is dancing around the ring.

Michael Rosen: Actually I call this the No Breathing Jab!

Prince Doopliss: And well that accuracy was real poor. Of course  don’t think he even knows how dizzy he is. Rainbow Dash now just tripping him and he falls flat on his face.

Toady: 1..2...3...4...5…

Prince Doopliss: Nope he is getting up.

Rainbow Dash: Oh come on old man just give it up!

Michael Rosen: You can’t catch me because I’m the speedy hamburger!

Rainbow Dash: Huh?

Prince Doopliss: It looks likes Michael Rosen supersonic confused Rainbow Dash.

King Taco: Really, Pokemans? That was a real stupid joke!

Utopia: When was there two announcers?

Prince Doopliss: There isn’t. King Taco, please don’t comment on my jokes anyways. Besides, why are you guys here? You two aren’t suppose to be in the booth  this episode.

Toady: [hopping around] Hey, the fight is still going on.

Prince Doopliss: Ugh...So what happen while I was looking away…

(Michael Rosen is holding Rainbow Dash by the tail and Rainbow Dash circling around)

Rainbow Dash: Hey let go of my tail!

Prince Doopliss: Michael Rosen now is picking up RD and he toss her into the corner.

Toady: 1...2...3…

Rainbow Dash: (gets up) Ugh, why do you have to be so annoying!

Prince Doopliss: RD charges at Michael Rosen and starts pounding the stockings off of Michael Rosen.

Michael Rosen: Ouch..ouch...Okay now I’m going to have so you who is….

Prince Doopliss: Rainbow giving Michael Rosen a good bop to the mouth. Rainbow Dash is flying way over the ring and wait what is Toady doing?

Toady: *rings bell* Rainbow Dash loses by the way of ring out.

Rainbow Dash: (renters through a hole in the ceiling) Wait what, I was ready to used the Sonic Rainboom on the old man. (lands in the ring) See it was right above the ring, too.

Toady: Still way up in the sky, so that is a ring out.

Michael Rosen: Hooray I won the game!

Rainbow Dash: No, I did not lose!

King Taco: *sarcasm* Oh no my pick lost.

Utopia: Well that match was short.

Prince Doopliss: Would you two leave the booth, I have no problem if you both wanted to watch the fight if you both were in the crowd.

King Taco: Why? I wouldn’t be able to annoy you.

Utopia: Where is Ashley?

Rainbow Dash: Aren’t you going to look at the rule book to make sure the ref is correct?

Michael Rosen: I won, get over it!

Prince Doopliss: You know what I don’t want all this talking and arguing to drag, so I’ll just end this transmission.

(King Taco quickly got tied to fireworks and got blasted into the sky where RD started her Sonic Rainboom.)

Prince Doopliss: Well bye we find some answers in the next episode.

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