Michael Rosen VS Kirby
Season 1, Episode 2
Announcer King Taco
Referee Prince Doopliss
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Season 1 Fight 1 Michael Rosen VS Rainbow Dash Season 1 Fight 3 Michael Rosen VS Link

This fight is the second fight of Season 1 and overall.

Analyzist Edit

Utopia95: Hello I’m Utopia95 here. I’m going to analyze this week’s fighters.

Michael Rosen Edit

He beat Rainbow Dash last week via ring out. He seems very weird sure he didn’t do a whole lot. We seen some moves, like the no breathing jab and that pizza toss move. Well in my interview he said he had move call the Michael Rosen Rap Bomb. What else he does I don’t know. However I check into his stats.

Attack: 20 of 80

Defense: 20 of 80

Special: 21 of 80

Special Defence: 20 of 80

Speed: 20 of 80

Overall: 20 of 80

Yeah really poor. If I was fighting, I’ll look good. I’m 80 of 80 all the way! Okay so yeah his stats are weak, but his weirdness might give him the upperhand in this one.

Kirby Edit

The pink puffball of eating everything in sight. He can copy abilities once swallow opponents. So yeah he is a real tuffy for his opponent. Copying his opponent weird moves me seem a little off. However his stats look like this:

Attack: 33 of 80

Defense: 20 of 80

Special: 37 of 80 (74 of 80 if copy his opponent)

Special Defense: 20 of 80

Speed: 80 of 80

Overall: 38 of 80 (45 of 80 if copy his opponent)

So yeah not that good, but not that bad either. I he is still below average fighter and needs to have a good notch if he wants to win things and make it aorund here. He ain’t me either, so he would never be as good as me.

Winner Prediction Edit

Michael Rosen

Only because he is weird. To be honest my predictions random. Not by overall, I mean overall might as well mean nothing to these fights. But we need to show these to give you people ideas to make your own predictions. Anyways that is all my time. See you guys later.

Interviews Edit

Michael Rosen Edit

Gina Marie Selina: Hello I’m the newest member to this small little staff, Gina Marie Selina, and well I’m interviewing Michael Rosen the one week champion.

Michael Rosen: it is good to be king!

Gina Marie Selina: I heard about rumors that the decision of your last match might be overturned, what do you think of that?

Michael Rosen: There is no way it is going to be overturned. I mean if this is the scheduled match, no way Prince Doopliss will change the call.

Gina Marie Selina: Okay, now what do you think of your next opponent?

Michael Rosen: You mean the walking gumball? I could chew that thing in 10 seconds flat.

Gina Marie Selina: So underestimating your opponent huh. (to herself) I like it. (to Michael Rosen) Shouldn’t you be afraid it might copy your ability?

Michael Rosen: Ha, he can’t catch me because I am Eileen Olgo!

Gina Marie Selina: -.- Okay. (to herself) Man, does this guy think he is funny or something?

Rainbow Dash: (comes busting into the interview room) Michael Rosen, you and me rematch right here right now! I don’t care if that match is overturned or not,  I will fight for the spot!

Gina Marie Selina: (to herself) Wow, she must not lost her pride after what happen. (to Rainbow Dash) Sorry, but I can’t allow that. You have to go away, please.

Michael Rosen: Bring it, Rainbow Crash! I was just going easy on you last week. I will show you my true power!

(Rainbow Dash charges toward Michael Rosen, but Gina Marie steps in th middle)

Rainbow Dash: Hey move it, I got some butt to kick!

Gina Marie Selina: Sorry but, security! ((to herself) I actually hate doing that, but I have to follow the rules, I guess. (to the Camera) Well we got to go.

(Security grabbed Rainbow Dash)

Kirby Edit

Toady134: Hello I’m Toady134 and well I’m interviewing Kirby. Say hi to everybody, Kirby.

Kirby: *waves* Hi!

Toady134: So how do you feel about your first opponent to be Michael Rosen.*acts like she is croaking*

Kirby: *shrugs*

Toady134: Would you think Michael Rosen taste yummy when try to copy his abilities?

Kirby: *shakes his head*

Toady134: Is it because he is old?

Kirby: *nods*

Toady134:(hops up and down) Do you think he can beat by ring out?

Kirby: *shakes head*

Toady134: Welp this interview is going nowhere oh well! We might need somebody to speak for you. *tries to croak again*

Kirby: Falco Punch!

Toady:134: Okay. Well I guess nothing else to say.

Rainbow Dash: Hold it!

(camera cuts)

Fight Edit

King Taco: Hello I’m King Taco today I’m here for this match up. Well last week match was a dud. I can’t say this week will be much better. Trust me Michael Rosen will be beaten in 10 seconds flat.

Prince Doopliss: (facepalms) Ugh he hasn’t even introduced the fighters yet. Jesus Christ, He even isn’t suppose to make a winner prediction as an announcer.

King Taco: Shut up, stupid.

Rainbow Dash: Well did I lose or not?

Prince Doopliss: Yes, I checked my own rule book if you break the cieling it is a ring out. So Toady made the right call. Also you can’t have a rematch.

Rainbow Dash: *crosses hooves and grumbles*

Utopia: What about Ashley?

Price Doopliss: She got fired. So I hired a new person.

Gina Marie: Hello, I’m Gina Marie Selina, nice to meet you. (to herself) Not really…

Toady: Ribit…*beaten up after her interview with Kirby*

Utopia: (to Toady) That was a weird hello. (to Gina) Hi, I’m Utopia95. I hope you can do a good job. Not as good me or what Ashley would have been.

Gina Marie: Okay, I’ll give it my best. (to herself) Freak.

Prince Doopliss: Ashley, was too generic that is why she got fired.

Utopia: What? She was awesome. Whatever.

King Taco: Can I talk again? These shenanigans are getting in the way of the fight.

Michael Rosen: Blagh! That was cooking oil!

King Taco: Okay, now today’s matchup is the reigning one-week champion and soon to be loser, Michael Rosen. Since he already made his introduction, I’ll move to Kirby, who will be the first three week champion!

Kirby: *Waves* Hi!

King Taco: Our referee for this week’s match is, Prince Doofus!

Prince Doopliss: It is Prince Doopliss!

Utopia: *laughing* I could have came up that great joke myself!

Toady: That...isn’t...funny.

Gina Marie: Toady is right that was actually a pretty stupid joke. (to herself) It was really was pretty funny.

Prince Doopliss: Anyways I want a nice clean fight. I will DQ you after three warnings. Now fight! (rings the bell)

King Taco: Kirby starts running toward Michael Rosen who don’t seem to realize the fight has started. Kirby hits Michael Rosen with a pinwheel kick.

Michael Rosen: Oh no! Why wasn’t I told we were starting.

Price Doopliss: >.> I rung the bell.

King Taco: Michael Rosen will get in some wacky battle stance. Now he charges Kirby and big surprise Kirby knocked him into the middle of next year with a big hammer swing.

Michael Rosen Owey zowey! You know what you may think I’m big, you may think I’m small, but I’m going to tell you No Breathing Jab!

King Taco: Michael Rosen confused Kirby and made her lose her breath a little by that weird move.

Utopia: Wait I thought Kirby was a boy.

King Taco: Kirby is pink, so it is a she.

Utopia: Are you sure?

King Taco: Yes!

Utopia: Well you are wrong.

Toady: Here we go again. (awfully tries to croak, but then holds her throat and breathed heavy)

Gina Marie: Are you okay?

Toady: I...shouldn’

Rainbow Dash: Well I hate that you made me lost.

Gina Marie: (to herself) Well you probably shouldn’t have done it, but it was a funny thing to happen.

King Taco: Ahem, anyways it has been a pretty back and forth fight. Kirby though does have the upperhand because he has Michael Rosen in his mouth. Though Michael Rosen does seem to try to fight his way out. And now Kirby has copied Michael Rosen, and well she couldn’t use one of his weird moves because Michael Rosen did a quick slide kick.

Michael Rosen: My moves are one of kind and nobody can have them!

King Taco: Yeah, I don’t know why anybody would want his weird moves anyways. Michal Rosen now throws a slice of pizza, which Kirby will just suck it up and eat. Haha suck it up and eat. Kirby would use her up special attack form Smash Bros which would knock Michael Rosen into the ropes. He will bounce off the ropes and drop kick Kirby. She gets launch. And I think we have another ring out.

Kirby: (Floats back to the ring)

King Taco: Wait it looks Prince Doofus isn’t making the call.

Prince Doopliss: It is Doopliss! And Kirby was over he ropes and not quite out of the ring.

Rainbow Dash: *Dropping popcorn* On the ground* Come on! Now that is just pure favoritism!

Prince Doopliss: While I do like Kirby better, that has nothing to do with it. Kirby was really over the ropes. Here is the replay.

-replay shows, but then pause to show when Kirby recorved-

King Taco: Well at least she gets a chance to win it!

Toady: You are being an annoying announcer.

Prince Doopliss: Yeah, don’t worry about he is who he is.

Gina Marie: And you fired somebody for being generic. (to herself) Though this guy might lose his job for his comments.

King Taco: While that was going on Kirby had taken control, as I guess the old man was upset that he didn’t win it. Kirby will float up and turn into a stone and drops on Michael Rosen.

Prince Doopliss: (checks on Michael Rosen) Okay he is breathing. So I won’t DQ you, Kirby. Now 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9…

Michael Rosen: *quickly gets up* You think you can beat me, well I will show you mine true power! (starts glow in a bright yellow)

-Evrybody but King Taco tries to shield their eyes-

King Taco: Well I don’t think anybody knew about this unseen ability of Michael Rosen and his transformation seems as slow as dirt.

Rainbow Dash: Seriously why hasn’t the sun turned off inside yet.

Utopia: God, who heck does he think is with this powerful transformation.

King Taco: And it is over now and well he looks the same, except it is a Super Man cosplay.

Michael Rosen: It is time for you all you witness to power of Super Michael Rosen!

Gina Marie: That name isn’t really creative.

Michael Rosen: (facepalm) Nobody asked you for your opinion. Now time fo my first move.

King Taco: Michael Rosen just punched Kirby, but it was a very powerful punch it will launch Kirby into the yellow corner. Now Michael Rosen is just pounding away on Kirby. I don’t think she can answer Michael Rosen while he gives her no time to breathe.

Michael Rosen: Let me tell you, son, this is the end I will finish you off. You are going to see the greatest power of mine. You are doomed by the Michael Rosen Ra rap rap rap Bomb!

King Taco: That was real annoying. Anyway Michael Rosen will pick up Kirby and he flies above the ring, but not out of the stadium and he is spinning Kirby around and he going to slam her down. Bamo! Kirby just bounces constanly and Prince Doofus rings the bell.

Prince Doopliss: Doopliss! Anyways There is no need to check Kirby. It is clear Michael Rosen won the fight.

Michael Rosen: *clicks tounge* Mmm really good!

King Taco: Well I guess I was wrong on te winner. So who will Michael Rosen’s next opponent be….(looks at the paper) Link from Zhe Tegend lf Oelda.

Utopia: Uh, what the heck is that?

Gina Marie: He meant The Legend of Zelda, silly. (to herself) That idiot just thought it was cute to say it like that.

Utopia: Thanks, honey.

Toady: (slaps Utopia) Don’t be call her honey.

Gina Marie: *giggles* Come oon it was kind of cute. (to hersefl) Gag, besides I can defend myself.

Rainbow Dash: Weren’t you injured before the fight?

Toady: (tries to croak) Yeah, but I’m a quick healer.

Michael Rosen: (to Rainbow Dash) You saw my true powe.Just be lucky you didn’t take a beating from it like the walking gumball.

Rainbow Dash: Like you would have lasted against me old man. I should have beaten you in 10 seconds flat, but the ref had other plans.

Michael Rosen: Like no you wouldn’t.

Utopia: Beside the match had lasted over 10 second anyways. Also what the is the boss doing?

Prince Doopliss: I’m in the booth and tying King Taco to fire works.

King Taco: Why, I wasn’t the the one that called the prediction!

Prince Doopliss: Yeah, but you were saying Kirby woud win. So, you still were wrong.

King Taco: You can’t do this! This is employee abuse!

Prince Doopliss: Whatever, I’m just going to end the transmission after this.

King Taco: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (gets blasted)

Gina Marie: Buh-bye.

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