Michael Rosen VS Link
Season 1, Episode 3
Announcer Utopia95
Referee King Taco
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Season 1 Fight 2 Michael Rosen VS Kirby Unknown
The 3rd fight of season and 3rd overall.

Analyst Edit

Gina Marie Selina: (sorting through some papers) Oh, hello everybody! It is me Gina Marie Selina and I’m analyzing this weeks fighters! *waves with a big smile* (to herself) I just hope to get this over with quickly.

Michael Rosen Edit

Okay we all know this guy is weird hat is a fact. I’m not going into much detail about this guy.

Attack: 20 of 80

Defence: 25 of 80

Special Attack: 56 of 80 (the fact that e can go super would make 80 of 80, but I’m not counting it)

Special Defence: 37 of 80

Speed: 20 of 80

Overall: 32 of 80

Yep my report is different than Utopia95. To be fair his weirdness gives edge of his special attacks. Heck Special attacks don’t seem to keep him down. So he sould be interesting to watch in the future.

Link Edit

Okay the hero from every Legend Zelda game ever. I don’t think I need to go into much detail on him.

Attack: 56 of 80

Defence: 73 of 80

Special Attack: 80 of 80

Special Defence: 72 of 80

Speed: 40 of 80

Overall: 64 of 80

Yeah he is a tuff cookie. No way Michael Rosen can compare to him. Link may not talk much or at all. Just like Rosen’s last opponent, but that shouldn’t be much of a factor to it. It is all flying fist and feet. Link has the stuff to take carethe old man in this contest.

Winner Prediction Edit

Link (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

You know because he is better than an old man.

Interviews Edit

Michael Rosen Edit

Toady134: Hello, Toady134, here *tries to croak* to interview our current two-week champion, Michael Rosen.

Michael Rosen: I have said it million of times and will say it again, It is good to be king.

Toady: Yes and you may a really tough opponent in Link.

Michael Rosen: I eat link sausage for breakfast this morning. No way it can beat me.

Toady: You know Link is a character in a video game, right. *coughs after trying to croak*

Michael Rosen: Whatever, I’m the King of the World and I will not lose my title! You will give me another victory like the first one.

Toady: Well I’m the ref for the the next match, silly. *hops up and down* Oh are we going to see Super Michael Rosen again?

Michael Rosen: If the match really called for it, but it wouldn’t. No way a link from the internets can give my computer a virus.

Toady: Okay, you seem to forgotten what definition of link there, buddy, LOL. Anyways by chance you do lose it, how would you feel.

Michael Rosen: I told you, I ain’t losing my crown. The elf boy could just forget.

Toady: *coughs and then just hops up and down* Well, you think you might be underestimating your, at least this time?

Michael Rosen: Ha, like I’m doing that. I’m going back to being my nice self once I claim the three week gold!

Toady: *coughs badly* Stop..*cough*...the…*cough*camera! *starts gasping for air*

Michael Rosen: (has a face of concern)

A hand to an unknown person would grab Toady134.

Female Voice: Somebody get the medics!

Rainbow Dash who seemingly came out of nowhere.

Rainbow: Man, I thought you said you were a quick healer, but let me take her to the hospital, miss!

Michael Rosen: (no longer has the concerned face after Rainbow showed up) Yeah, well if you didn’t try to kill her, maybe.

Rainbow: Hey I was angry at her match call. Besides I didn’t punish her that much.

Michael Rosen: Sure you didn’t.

-Camera Cuts-

Link Edit

Link Prince Doopliss: I’m Prince Doopliss here with well Link. Of course I don’t know how this will work. I mean Link don’t talk so what good will this do.

Link: I’m not Kirby. I do talk more than what the games make me.

Prince Doopliss: Oh okay, well, so why does the games, except some interactions in Skyward Swords, you don’t talk much.

Link: That is the contract with Nintendo. I mean is under the same contract.

Prince Doopliss: Well he speaks more than you in is games, yeah not will fluent sentences. There was Mario Sunshine when they tried a lot of voice acting for characters. Anyways, Do you like saving Hyrule from Ganon and other force of evil?

Link: It was fun at first, but it got pretty boring. Zelda should do more by herself.

Prince Doopliss: Well there is Dyn...Hyrule Warriors for that I guess. Anyways, You always wear green, is it you favorite color or something?

Link:  Well I believe at least from the point of Ocarina of Time it has something to do with elves. Something like that. I really never wanted to be a hero in the first place, nor wear green all the time.

Prince Doopliss: If you wanted to be a ballerina, I am out here!

Link: Ha ha no! I wanted to be a baseball player, but that psychotic idiotic spaghetti Italian plumber step and took my opportunity!

Prince Doopliss: 0_o I think there is a reason for that….Anyways, how do you think you will fare against Michael Rosen?

Link: Shouldn’t these been the kind of questions you should be asking me anyways? Uh, anyways, I hate to fight an old man, but if I have to...I say I can beat him. Even if he has won twice. I mean they were kind of short victories.

Prince Doopliss: Who is the one doing the interview? Anyways, I want the staff to get to know the fighters before they ask questions about their opponents. So you are saying that his weirdness won’t get to you?

Link: Yeah sure.

-Sirens blare in the background-

Prince Doopliss: What is going on? Did Rainbow attack Toady again?

Link: I have no idea what you are a talking about.

Prince Doopliss: Urk, this have nothing to concern you, I guess I’ll end the interview.

Link: Um okay. Bye bye.

Prince Doopliss: Seriously, somebody tell me what is going on!

-Camera Cuts-

Fight Edit

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